How To Become A Professional Programmer

Programming is far more akin to art than science. Do not misunderstand. It contains scientific components. However, programming is a creative endeavour. Consider this. With art, you arrange colors on a page in a particular order. It all comes together to create a pleasing appearance. When you show it to others, their brains produce feel-good hormones. After that, there’s programming. In a code editor, you type certain text characters. Distribute it around the world. And you have the possibility of millions, if not billions, of individuals acquiring those feel-good hormones.

Programming, like painting, produces works of art that have never been seen before. By approaching it as such, you will be doing yourself a favor.
The War of Art was written by Steven Pressfield. A book describing the impediment that prevents innovators from gaining mastery.

This force he refers to as Resistance.

The voice in the back of your head that tells you to put it off for another day is called resistance. The voice that says you today is not the best day to begin. The coming week will be fantastic. The following week comes and goes. And you have yet to begin your work.
Resistance suffocates dreams. It stymies those who have the potential to be world-class creators. They are defeated by resistance. And they live their entire lives without ever accomplishing what they were here on this Earth to accomplish.
And it is the ultimate tragedy. Because each individual have a unique gift that they can offer with the world.
It is your responsibility to awaken and defeat resistance. Each and every day.
This is what distinguishes amateurs from professionals.
Currently, the majority of jobs are under jeopardy. There are insufficient. They do not provide a decent salary. Leave healthcare aside. This is a true shitshow.
Everybody is on the lookout for an answer. And over the previous few years, that response has developed into a meme.

Develop your coding skills.
Computer programmers earn extraordinary wages. Top-tier executives at large technology companies earn up to half a million dollars a year. And that’s not even taking into account stock options. There is the possibility of establishing your own side hustle.
Nowadays, if you want to make money, you enter the software industry. This is the future of the industry.
That is when individuals fall into the rabbit hole. They watch YouTube videos about people who learn to code in three months using only their spare time. And they obtain a $100k+ job with ease.
That is when you begin. You take a look at a YouTube lesson. You purchase a course on Udemy. You begin your education in coding.
“This is going to be so simple!”

Programming Resistance
You begin to grasp the fundamental ideas. However, you quickly discover that programming is a complex subject. That course or tutorial does not automatically transform you into a pro.
As a result, you purchase another course. You observe yet another tutorial. Simply until you “come to terms with it.”
The cycle continues until you discover you’ve been doing this for an extended period of time.
Three months.
Approximately six months.
One year.
Approximately two years.
That is when you begin to have doubts about yourself. You recognize that there is no quick and easy way to a successful work.
You’ve seen the news articles about a 12-year-old who built a complete clone of Facebook in a single day. Or a 13-year-old who built a decentralized app capable of processing millions of dollars in transactions.
It eventually catches up with you. You resigned. You cease discussing it with your friends and relatives. You simply hope that entire time of your life would pass peacefully.
The majority of people refer to this tutorial as purgatory.
Where you are never encouraged to develop your own projects. Because you do not believe you are capable.
I have some good news for you. You’ll never feel prepared to begin. You simply have to begin. I am very acquainted with tutorial purgatory. I’d been trapped there for nearly a year. And a large number of people are currently present.
Resistance is the power that keeps us in tutorial purgatory.
It whispers in our ear late at night as we struggle to make sense of things. It informs us that we are incapable of becoming programmers. It serves as a reminder that we failed math class in seventh grade and hence will never be intelligent enough to decipher code.
That shite is a joke.
Individuals with lesser IQs than you have deduced it. The homeless have worked it out. Children have discovered it.
The distinction between you and them is that they discovered a way to overcome their reluctance. And you haven’t done so. Yet.
Resistance is a formidable force. It is a monstrosity. It is a monstrous creature. If you allow it, it will smash your dreams and wreck your life.
This is how you bury that son of a bitch.
The simple part is going to be reading this article. Performing these actions is not. Utilize a habit tracker to assist you. Strongly advised.
Make every effort to alter your conduct. It’s difficult at first. However, it will become easier.
Every Day, appear
The only way to overcome obstacles and achieve professional status is to consistently show up and work. It is not necessary to spend the entire day. Or even over an extended period of time. The majority of programmers work a maximum of four hours per day.
You must experiment to determine what works best for you. There are those who claim to be able to program for ten hours or more every day.
Attend even if you lack the time. Even 15 or 30 minutes a day can make a significant difference.
If you work a 9–5 schedule, the greatest thing you can do is get up early and code before heading to work. This manner, you can devote your brain resources on programming.

State of Flow
The flow state is a highly developed state of awareness. Consider yourself to be in the zone. All negative voices in your head must be silenced. When you reach flow state, you cannot hear resistance.
That is why, when we are in this state of mind, we perform at our best. Business leaders, sportsmen, musicians, writers, and programmers all extol the virtues of flow state.
It occurs when you become so absorbed in the objective that you lose sight of yourself totally. There is no such thing as history. There is no future. Quite simply, the present moment.
Humans are happiest when they are in flow state. We will continue to pursue flow state, even at considerable sacrifice, for the sake of achieving it.
Ensure that you have turned off your phone and email. Distractions yank you out of flow state with ease. I propose investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones for around $50. Additionally, I’m listening to Lofi or synthwave music.

Attaining flow state consists of three components.
Clearly defined objectives
Instant feedback
Achieve a balance of skill and difficulties
You want to use caution in selecting projects. One of my errors was attempting to develop something that I was simply incapable of building.
You might begin by incorporating minor features into existing projects. For instance, search YouTube for a tutorial project. Continue coding. And then some functionality is added.
Alternatively, locate a beginner-friendly problem on GitHub and contribute to open source.
From there, you can focus on broader tasks and objectives. However, proceed cautiously. Proceed gradually. It won’t be long before you’re able to construct something truly remarkable.
Rather than learning, construct

The golden rule of programming is as follows.
Remove information from your consumption that isn’t directly linked to the project you’re working on. You do not require it.
To figure out how to make your item function, you’re going to have to read a lot of documentation, tutorials, and code. This type of reading is not only beneficial, but required.
The data must be immediately actionable. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.
This is not to imply that learning about programming is pointless in general. However, keep in mind that you are reading/watching for pleasure.
There must be a delicate balance between consumption and creation. Make that mark. You are now ready to depart.

Participate in a community
Tribes are how humans evolved. Our brains do not operate on an individual basis. Peers and buddies are necessary. This significantly simplifies the process.
I strongly advise you to join Tech Twitter. Consider #100DaysOfCode as an example.
Everyone is quite pleasant. And, maybe most crucially, people assist one another.
Every programmer is aware of the potential strength of Resistance. As a result, anytime someone requires assistance, we go above and beyond.

Additionally, you may discover fantastic communities on Discord, Reddit, and a variety of other places. Regardless of what you do, locate one. Additionally, become active.
In this industry, you have a real chance of getting your dream job. A job that you desire to keep regardless of the circumstances. Here are the three components to securing that job.

Consistently achieve the desired flow state
When you begin consistently achieving flow state, your life will change irreversibly. It’s psychologically gratifying in ways you cannot fathom.
Your ideal employment should provide ample opportunity for quiet time in order to achieve flow state.
You can amass all the wealth and status in the world. However, if you do not have enough time to reach flow state, you are psychologically deficient.
Earn cash
We must not deceive ourselves. We all began programming for financial gain. And that is a pleasant benefit.
One of the major conflicts throughout human history has been the incompatibility of earning money and attaining flow state.
Consider all the writers, artists, and entrepreneurs who have failed to make a living from their craft. Or they were forced to relegate it to a side hobby.
We are all familiar with someone like that. McDonald’s employee who is without a doubt the best gamer we’ve ever met. Or the singer who spends their days caring for the sick.
Programming is one of the few professions that enables you to routinely achieve flow state while earning money. You can achieve financial and psychological fulfillment simultaneously.
Make a difference
Money and the flow state are wonderful. However, one of the most critical parts of your well-being is your impact on the world.
Are you going to build the next social media algorithm that contributes to children’s mental instability?
Or are you going to build a peer-to-peer digital currency system that will financially liberate every human being on the planet?
Make no doubt about it. You will eventually have to make this choice. What do you wish to leave as a legacy? It all begins with defeating Resistance and entering the professional ranks. Then you decide what kind of universe you want to construct.
That is why I began developing Web3 projects. The Internet has the potential and will eventually become decentralized and open to anyone. The Crypto Creator Economy will unleash human potential in ways that have never been seen before. Additionally, our currency will be unbiased and stable.

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