How to Find Ideas for Content Creation Like a Pro

As content providers such as writers, bloggers, YouTubers, and TikTok stars, we are continuously in need of new topics and ideas. It’s very easy to generate ideas at first, but it becomes more difficult as you cover more topics.

1) Trends on Google
According to StatCounter, Google has 91.86 percent of the global search engine market in July 2021. I frequently conduct keyword research on Google Trends in order to see which topics are currently hot and viral. For instance, if you want to build a YouTube channel about generating money, you can go to the Google Trends website and enter your topic or specialty. Depending on the country you wish to include in the filter, it is preferable to select worldwide as the filter, as you wish to target a globally hot issue. Select the appropriate time period to reflect the most recent subjects and enquiries, for example, 30 to 90 days.

Then, as you scroll down, you’ll notice related topics and queries. At a glance, the following are some viable topics for your YouTube video:

Three easy steps to begin earning money on Quora

How to begin a blog and earn money
How to get money while playing bitcoin games
How to get money by watching advertisements

2) Respond To The Public
Say good-bye to making educated guesses about which topics your users desired to see. This frequently occurs when I am considering a new subject to write about. The optimal answer is to continue utilizing platforms such as Answer The Public. It collects autocomplete data from search engines such as Google and visualizes it visually with trending key words and questions. Let’s assess the result using the same term “earn money” in this tool.

As indicated in the diagram above, the darker the green tint, the higher the phrase’s ranking. The following are some possible topics for your YouTube video:

How to generate money online from the comfort of your own home

How to monetize TikTok
Where to earn money online without making a financial commitment
This tool is amazing at deriving questions from your keyword by utilizing prepositions, comparisons, and alphabetical order.

3) Cross-Platform Analysis
Cross-platform research is perhaps the most effective method of generating ideas. Why would you want to conduct research on the same platform where you are creating content? If you are a YouTuber, you can conduct research on other platforms such as:
Stack Overflow
Answers on Yahoo!
Xiaohongshu Xiaohongshu Xiaohongshu (RED)
Douyin TikTok (China Version of TikTok)
You may discover a wealth of new ideas and inspirations on other platforms.

4) Additional languages
The internet’s material is written or recorded in one of the world’s languages. You are in luck if you speak more than one language! It might be rewarding to conduct research in various languages. The trick is to locate and translate foreign language content into your primary language. English, Malay, and Chinese are the three languages I speak. For instance, when I conduct a Google search for “earn money” or “” in Chinese or “jana pendapatan” in Malay.

I’ll locate articles such as this one: (Chinese) (Chinese) (Malay) (Malay)

Due to the fact that the articles are written by members of another ethnic group, you will gain an entirely new viewpoint on themes and ideas. The wonderful thing is that even if you are not fluent in another language, Google Translate is always available.

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