Earn A Decent Living By Becoming A Writer

That sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? Earn enough money to sustain yourself only through writing and from the convenience of your own home. To be sure, that is conceivable. There are numerous approaches, but it’s critical not to put all your eggs in one basket when initially starting out.
There are other advantages to writing as well. Writing on numerous platforms enables you to earn money in multiple ways. If one platform does not do well, the other can still earn you money, and who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

This is how you can earn money as a writer.

Platforms for Authors

If you want to improve as a writer, you must practice whenever possible. The greatest way to practice is to write on a variety of venues and to publish your own work. While Medium is an excellent platform for this, you may also want to check out Vocal.Media. Additionally, this platform enables you to write freely.

The hurdles are one of the advantages of writing on this Vocal. They do an excellent job at providing tasks each week, with additional challenges added during the month. There are monetary rewards available for these challenges, and if you’re ever stuck for a topic to write about, these may inspire you.

Each article includes imagery. People enjoy looking at items that are connected to a story, which is why having a compelling image is critical. Pexels.com is a no-cost service that enables you to utilize their photographs. This is where I look for images for my articles.

Additionally, I utilize Microsoft Word’s spell and grammar check. Because some of us struggle with spelling and grammar, this comes in helpful. If you don’t want to use Word, Google Docs offers similar functionality for free. You will be OK if you use a word processor to check for problems.


When people hear the term “freelancing,” they become fearful, yet there is nothing to fear. Some work part-time and still earn a reasonable wage, depending on their location. I’m now attempting this on Fiverr.

If you’re unsure where to begin, I recommend consulting Alex Fasulo. Her Instagram is devoted entirely to entrepreneurship, and she even runs a Facebook group for freelancers who have questions about how to operate their businesses on Fiverr and other freelancing platforms.

Fiverr takes a share of the money you earn from the projects you do, but they assist you in obtaining clients and will step in if a client fails to pay, so the cut is worth it in my opinion. If you’re not a fan of the fact that they take a part of your earnings, Contra is another freelancing network that does not take a cut of your revenue. Upwork has also received favorable ratings as a freelance marketplace.


This is an ingenious method of earning money through writing. If everything is done properly, you can write once a month and watch the money roll in. It must be brimming with information that is valuable to your readers and worth their attention.

When I launch my newsletter, you’ll notice a link to it at the bottom of each of my posts. You charge a monthly subscription fee for whatever you choose to write about. There are services available to assist you in getting started. Substack is a popular one at the moment, and it is the one I will utilize.

Final Remarks

In reality, you’ll be lucky to earn a few bucks in your first month of writing platforms use, but as your online visibility grows, so will your revenue. As a result, consistency and patience are critical components of writing success. Combining newsletters and writing platforms is another excellent strategy to boost your income.

Freelancing is a great way to earn a lot of money and do it much more quickly than through writing platforms. You can charge what you want for your services and choose who to deal with. Getting started might be challenging because obtaining clients is not straightforward and you may have to deal with clients who irritate you, but you can expand more quickly than on writing platforms or newsletters.

My objective is going to be difficult to accomplish, but I’m going for it regardless. I intend to earn $1,000 per month from each type of my writing. That’s 4,000 bucks every month, and each work takes roughly one hour. If I worked on each side project for four hours a day, I would be working for four hours a day.

While these are my goals, some are earning over $4,000 per month utilizing only one of these tactics. I hope you choose one of these money-making opportunities and achieve success as soon as possible!


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