Smart and Simple Ways to Energized Yourself

Smart and Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself
Smart and Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Smart and Simple Ways to Energized Yourself: Energizing yourself is hard. But pure self-motivation is one of the highest things that differentiate high-achieving professionals from anyone else. So how can you keep going onward, even when you never feel like it?

Motivation is the motor to achieve your goals or wants. It is impressed by:

  • how much you want the goal
  • what you will achive
  • your personal expectations


Connect to your values.

This is the ultimate secret. If you can combine the work you do to your utility, even in little ways, you can change your game.

One of my values is learning and growth.

I find ways to grow my skills in any degree. For instance, I will not just “call back a customer.” I “attain a raving fan.” I will not just “do a task.” I “expert my craft.” I will not just “get something done.” I “study something new.”

Find the Next Step

If it seems unacceptable to work on a project for you, you can try to focus on the next immediate ways.

Find your WHY.

Figure out a compelling purpose. Turn this into a one-liner.

For example, when I fall off the horse, I remind myself I’m here to “make others great.” This gets me back on track, sharing the best of what I know.

Change your WHY.

Sometimes you’re doing things for the wrong reason. Are you doing that job to get it done, or to get new skill? Just change your why can light your fire.

Change your HOW.

You can immediately find your works more enjoyable by changing from getting them done, to doing them well.

I think of it as adept your craft. Make it cute.

Sometimes slower is good. You can set time termination and race against the clock. Changing your how can get you out of channel and find new ways to get away the material.

Deconstruct Your Fears

I’m sure you don’t have any fear about getting things done. But at the same time, hidden fears or anxieties can deprived you from getting real work completed.

Isolate the unknowns and make yourself strong, you can handle the worst case scenario.

Find a meaningful metaphor.

A metaphor is a figure of speech that picture an object or behavior in a drive that isn’t literally true, but better explain an idea or make a similarity.

Find a conceit that energize you. maybe you’re the “Little Engine that Could.” Maybe you’re “in your element.”

The most strongest thing you can do is find a metaphor that connects to your values.

Take action.

Here’s a mystery that once you ascertain it, can change your life. Action always comes before boosting.

You simply start doing an activity and then your energy comes in.

Link it to better feelings.

Find a way to link things to better feelings. For example, play your favorite music anytime you’re doing something you don’t like to do.

Impress yourself first.

This is how people like Peter Jackson or James Cameron or Stephanie Meyer inspire themselves. They make the movies or write the books that impress themselves first. They connect their passion to the work and they don’t depend on other people setting the bar. Their internal bar becomes their drive.


If you instruct yourself you “HAVE” to do this or you “MUST” do that or you “SHOULD” do this, you can weaken your energy.

The strength of choice and simply refraining your language to “CHOOSE” to can be excellently empowering and exactly the motivating language you have to hear. Choose your words carefully and always make them work for you.

Change your question.

Sometimes you need to change your focus. To change your focus, change the question.

If you always ask yourself what’s wrong with this situation, of course you’ll showily find things to grumbling about. Please always ask yourself what’s right about the situation and you can simply find the positives and get your groove on.

Fix time for eating, sleeping and working out.

Sometimes your body or emotions are working against you because you’re not giving them a break or energizing them the right way.

One simple way to improve results here is to find a routine for eating, sleeping, and moving or working out that supports you.

Try out the motivation techniques to see what works for you.

At the end of the day, all motivation really comes down to self-motivation, and you get better at motivation by building your self-awareness.

Learn how to push your own buttons from the inside out.

If you know you can do it, you have self-efficacy. If you know it will work, you have response efficacy—belief that the action you are taking will lead to the outcome you want. THANKS!! GOD BLESS YOU


Pastor, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

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