Challenges Of Crucified Life In A Corrupt Society

Challenges Of Crucified Life In A Corrupt Society
Challenges Of Crucified Life In A Corrupt Society

Challenges Of Crucified Life In A Corrupt Society<> 1KING 18<>1/16 A vivid look at the environment within Obadiah found himself will give a good understanding of what the man of God must have faced, battle with and overcome. Here are some of the challenges that are likely to face us.

Christian ethics revolves around morality that amass on whether an action is morally good or bad. It intimate that Christian ethics which is a branch of religious ethics make sure that people’s actions are in tandem with the acceptable good standard, thereby contributing a lot in human good development. It becomes troubled that despite Christian ethics, abjection is perpetrated freely in World without those concerned having requisite moral Compunction to abstain from corrupt acts. This bad situation abate the role of Christian ethics in human moral development.

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The need to obey the law of land-

It is a big deal challenge for a crucified life to obey the law of law especially when such laws negate the law of God. When one think of the consequences of such action if called to interrogation, it attract fear. It takes the Grace of God to stand it.

The need to play loyalty to the authorities-

Sometimes when people in authority make their own interest take preeminence over the law of the land and they expect that all should act accordingly. Obadiah must have been in a fix at certain times but because he was he committed to God’s will, he demand the consequence of his act of godliness. If anyone is be loyal to the authorities, it is good to consider if the issue is line with God’s will or not. How to Make a Marriage Succeed

Prevailing in ungodliness/idolatry-

There is a high level of ungodliness & idolatry in this present generation. A lot of things have become idols & worshiping those idols lead’s to ungodliness. These are idols of work, money, fashion, worldly pleasures, social media, relationships, etc. It is a challenge that many Christians are facing, because not worshiping the idols makes them to face various inconveniences like losing friends, acceptance, recognition, job, promotions among other. In a way to avoid such conditions, many chose to bow to such idols.

Having time to fellowship with God-

This is great challenge to a crucified in life in this too-busy generation. Work schedule and demands do not afford believers to keep fellowship with God personally and collaborate. It is fellowship with God that empowers one’s faith and boldness to stand for God’s ways in a corrupt society.

Facing the threat to life-

When it comes to laying your life down for your faith, many people will back out. Certainly there’s always a threat to living a godly life across generations. That is reason many put their burning candle under a bushel. That is the reason many will rather lose faith to save their job or position than to lose their job for sake of their faith. These kind of people have never started the faith race but have only been numbering among believers like Judas Iscariot did (Acts 1:15-20) REASON WHY THINGS IN LIFE HAS POTENTIAL

Appealing compromise –

There are many acts of ungodliness that appeal to Christians to compromise their faith. Just imaging how rich, acceptable and honored those who totally followed the wickedness of Ahab and his wife might have been in the time of Obadiah, yet he refused to compromise his faith. (Philippians 4:12-13) Godly Keys for a Successful and Healthy Marriage

Unrelenting persecution of the godly-

In 2Timothy 4:11-12, Apostle Paul reminded Timothy of all sufferings, Patience, Endurance & persecution. In fact anyone who wants to live to a godly life in Christ will be persecuted. This implies that the challenge of unrelenting persecution consistently faces a crucified life. Godly Keys for a Successful and Healthy Marriage



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