CHARACTERISTICS OF A DEVOTED FRIEND<> A righteous friend is one that is with you, and will do anything for you, until the very end. A friend who is very loyal and steadfast in giving love and attention. A friend who is very loyal to its relationship

1. The devoted friend is the righteous person who is obedient to his Lord, adheres to the teachings of his religion, is keen to please God, hastens on the basis of faith to do all good deeds, turns away out of fear of God from all evil deeds, resents sin and its people, fears God, is pure hearted and righteous, is not boastful, and has no rancor or envy in his heart.

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2. The devoted friend reminds you of your Lord whenever you become heedless of His remembrance; he helps you and joins you when you are remembering your Lord.

3. The devoted friend is the one who does not look for or seek out the faults of his brothers; rather he seeks excuses for them.

4. The devoted friend praises and speaks well of those with whom he mixes, even if he is not able to help them physically.

5. The characteristics of the devoted friend include his cheerful manner, gentle speech, bigheartedness, generosity, suppression of anger, and avoiding arrogant character; he offer respect and expresses happiness for what he is blessed with of the friendship and brotherhood of others.
His heart is free of rancor, and he offers sincere advice to his friends and accepts it from them.
He is easy-going with his friend and does not go against them in matters that are right and succeed; he refrains from criticizing them.

6. Devoted friends love to visit one another, meet one another and be generous to one another; they are cheerful when they meet and shake hands warmly.

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7. The devoted friend does not envy his brothers for what he sees of the signs of blessings that God has bestowed on them; rather he rejoices in that and praises God for whatever he sees of blessings that God has granted to them.

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8. The righteous friend deals with his brothers honorably, honestly and sincerely.
The believer deals with you honorably, and guides you to what is best for you in religious and worldly terms,

9. The devoted friend makes excuses for his brothers and friends; he defends them and stands up for them.

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10. The devoted friend joins his brothers at times of difficulty as he joins them at times of ease; he does not change his manner towards them in either case.

11. The devoted friend does not remind those to whom he shows kindness of his favors; he thinks little of his act of kindness and thinks much of any favours that his brothers do for him.

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12. The righteous friend strives to conceal the faults of his brothers, to highlight their good qualities and conceal their bad qualities.

13. The righteous friend tries to endear himself to his brothers by doing acts of kindness for them, overlooking whatever offense they may cause him, and trying to find excuses for them.
There is nothing left of the pleasure of this world except helping to meet the needs of my brothers.

14. The devoted friend is the one who helps you to do all that is good, who has a nice character, enjoins what is good, forbids what is bad, and observes the rights of friendship in your absence and in your presence, paying proper attention to that in word and deed, only doing that for the sake of God and hoping for reward from Him


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