Some Facts About Your Husband You Should Know

Some Facts About Your Husband You Should Know
Some Facts About Your Husband You Should Know

Some Facts About Your Husband You Should Know> A husband is a male in a marital partnership, who may also be referred to as a spouse or partner. The correct and obligations of a husband regarding his partner and others, and his level in the community and in law, vary between societies and cultures, and have varied over time.


Here are 50 fact you should know about your husband

1. Your spouse is not perfect, accept him.

2. Your spouse is the bone of your bone, never reject him.

3. Your spouse is a special gift from God, appreciate him.

4. Your spouse is not your mate, respect him.

5. Your spouse made you a wife, never make him regret his choice of you.

6. Your spouse is your backbone, nourish him.

7. Your spouse still loves his Mummy , take note.

8. Your spouse is sexually active, never deny him sex.

9. Your spouse loves good food, give it to him.

10. Your spouse need your encouragement, never be judgemental.

11. Your husband is not your enemy, trust him.

12. Your spouse is a friend, hug him.

13. Your spouse love peaceful atmosphere, create it.

14. Your spouse is a male gender, allow him some ego.


15. Your husband is your hero, magnify him.

16. Your husband is your head, never over burden him .

17. Your husband wants you to be okay, help him to reach the goal.

18. Your husband is your master, adore him.

19. Your husband is not a machine, give him a rest.

20. Your husband is trying his best, never compare him with his friends.

21. Your husband is not a dustbin, never pour all your worries on him.

22. Your husband is not a rapist, sometimes allure him.

23. Your husband is not automated teller machine, sometimes he may not have money.

24. Your husband is all you have, keep him unhurt.

25. Your husband is your attestation, be proud of him.

26. Your husband is your greatest fortune, never devalue him.

27. Your husband is the hubby of your youth, stick to him.

28. Your husband needs your respect, never embarrass him in the public.

29. Your husband is not a politician, believe him.


30. Your husband is a different personality, don’t compare him to anyone.

31. Your husband is faithful , never be suspicious of him.

32. Your husband is not your boss , feel free with him.

33. Your husband can make mistakes, never capitalize on the mistakes.

34. Your husband sometimes need a space, never feel he no longer cherish you.

35. Your husband is a nice man, never abuse or take him for granted.

36. Your husband trust you, never lie to him.

37. Your husband wants freedom, never cage him.

38. Your husband can be easily provoked, never provoke him easily.

39. Your husband may not handle all your needs, however, don’t report him to your family people.

40. Your husband is open to temptation, guard him.


41. Your husband is not a lunatic, do not under – rate him.

42. Your husband is your trustworthiness, make sure he looks presentable.

43. Your husband is your first babe, breastfeed him always.

44. Your husband is number one in your life, precedence him

45. Your husband is your jewel, center your heart on him.

46. Your husband needs your support, your are his help meet.

47. Your husband need your full attention, drop your phone any time you are together.

48. Your husband is your lord, summit to his government.

49. Your husband is your first overseer, take counsel from him.

50. You will account to God about your spouse, how you handle him and how you supported him. God bless you all respectful and supportive wives !


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