3 Indications That You’re Prepared to Develop Your Writing Into An Online Business

My first piece was published online in July 2018. I continued writing for the next 1.5 years despite my lack of knowledge. I am not a natural English speaker, and I have no formal writing training. I just began and gave it my all. I was still earning pennies after publishing my first 150 articles since I didn’t grasp how to write for readers while still appeasing an algorithm that determines if my articles are displayed to ten or ten thousand people.

It finally happened 1.5 years later – my first essay went semi-viral:
If you had asked me a year ago, I would have responded that a viral piece would make me feel like I made it.

However, the truth is that it was stressful.

I knew I needed to do something as soon as I discovered how many people were reading the story.

For context, I never imagined myself as a writer. I began publishing online in response to my weekly personal development workshops. My initial writings were essentially descriptions of my PowerPoint presentation slides.

In some ways, I was fortunate because I was already thinking entrepreneurially, and I saw that the earnings from that article were a wonderful bonus, but far from the primary asset. Following that, I created an email list to collect the email addresses of people who expressed an interest in receiving my freebie and updates on my material. What began with a single high-performing article in late 2019 has grown into a community of thousands of individuals and a six-figure internet business that enables me to live my life according to my own standards.

There Are Two Ways for Online Writers to Increase Their Earnings

After successfully converting my own writing into an online company, I wanted to assist other writers in doing the same. I’ve built a community of over 7,400 online writers who encourage one another to improve their writing and earn more money. And what I’ve discovered is that there are two primary strategies for developing your writing into a sustainable and lucrative company.

The first is the simplest: writing for clients.

I’ve published articles for some pretty cool brands and individuals throughout the years. I never intended to work as a freelance writer and never pitched a customer. Rather than that, they discovered my work online and contacted me to inquire about working with them. As someone who has always been inquisitive about new opportunities, I answered yes to a few of them. If you’re a rapid writer and have the appropriate partners, freelance writing may be an extremely lucrative source of revenue.

While I enjoyed writing for others, I greatly prefer the second option: developing your own brand and servicing your audience through the sale of products or services. This strategy works best if you’re (mostly) writing on a certain subject and have a clear idea of who you’re trying to attract and sell to. If you’re writing about a dozen different subjects without a reader or customer persona in mind, it’s going to be difficult to sell items or services.

If, on the other hand, you’re a fitness instructor whose goal is to help middle-aged women lose weight and improve their health, developing products and services can be far more satisfying than writing articles for others. The remainder of this essay will focus on the second path: developing an internet business based on products or services that answer your audience’s needs.

You’ve Had Enough of Attempting to Game the System

It has never been easier or more frustrating to reach a large audience for free. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to write online and connect with individuals from all around the world, but I’m weary of writing for algorithms. The issue with the vast majority of internet writing is that you frequently have to choose between your audience and the algorithm.

Of course, you do not want to sell your soul and produce clickbait pieces just for the sake of gaining views, but you also do not want to publish content that receive an average of five hits. And finding a happy medium that satisfies both the algorithm and your readers can be extremely challenging.

This is especially aggravating when you are compensated for views and reads, which is the case with the majority of online writing venues. If you’re tired of attempting to rig the system and appease mystic algorithms, you may be ready to monetize your knowledge, experience, and audience in new ways.

At first, the prospect of converting your writing into a full-fledged online business may seem daunting, but trust me: if you know what you’re doing, it can be simple and painless.

You Have a Genuine Interest in Your Niche and Audience

Another incentive to turn your writing into an online business is that you are genuinely passionate about your area and the subjects you write about. The reality is that the influence of written content is limited.

While writing articles allows you to give numerous advice on how to lose weight and improve your fitness level, you cannot truly teach everything. And, perhaps most significantly, you cannot give the accountability or feedback necessary to motivate your readers to actually follow through on their goals and accomplish the things they should do. However, selling items and services enables you to go the extra mile and provide deeper support to your audience.

You might provide private coaching sessions in order to gain a better understanding of your reader in order to provide more personalised advise and diet or workout ideas. You may sell them a journal that assists them in staying on track with their goals. You might create a subscription site that includes weekly meals and workouts, as well as an encouraging and supportive community. Alternatively, you may create an online course that incorporates all of the above.

These are only a few of the numerous choices, but the message is clear: Writing is pleasant, but it is not necessarily effective. You may provide far more value by incorporating additional modes of instruction.

You Sensitize Yourself to Butterflies

Finally, you’ll know when you’re ready to start an online company with your writing when you feel it.

Particularly when you believe that there is more available to you. When you understand, you no longer need to work in a content mill or constantly generate new articles to make ends meet. When you understand that your ideas and talents are valuable and that you deserve to earn more money. Even though I enjoy writing, I recognize that if I focused exclusively on writing, I would miss out on a significant portion of my own potential.

Connecting with your audience via many channels and servicing them on multiple levels is not only thrilling, but also significantly more profitable and relaxing. That is primarily because an internet business enables you to be completely self-sufficient in terms of revenue generation without being reliant on algorithms, curators, or platform changes. While it is easier than ever to reach millions of people through your work, bear in mind that you, too, need stability and a fair salary.

Views alone will not pay your bills in perpetuity. Additionally, it’s reassuring to know that your business will continue to operate even if your preferred writing platform goes.

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