COMMON SENSE FOR GUYS AND LADIES <> Did God truly put on us a brain so we won’t disturb Him anymore?
It’s so common to hear nowadays … “Make Use of your common sense bro!”, “common sense is not that common”,
setting down formulations on the reason you should apply common sense to resolve day to day life’s issues.

One of the things I discovered from the study of characteristics of an individual was the contrast between some “common sense” facts vis-à-vis reality from both scientific and social research points of view.

Here are some crucial things we all should understand

1. Guys should learn how to cook delicious meals, wash plates and clean their apartment before they marry. No normal lady wants to be with an unclean, smelly, disorganized bachelor who cannot do anything sensible for himself by himself.

2. You must know how to wash your clothes by yourself before you get married brother. You are not getting to marry a washer to do all of your laundries and still attend work and assist you to pay bills. What happened to your two hands? Are they broken?


3. You are not marrying a maidservant, you’re marrying a wife. She isn’t coming to slave for you, she is coming to assist you, that’s why God calls her your HELP-MEET meaning, you’re to try to do all of your duties by yourself, she is simply coming to assist you if you have got any problem accordingly, challenge God, not me!

4. Hello pretty sis, learn to form your own money, please. Your partner isn’t your ATM who must offer you money for everything including your pants. What happened to your brain and hands? Can’t you make any money for yourself?


5. Know how to require your man out on dates, buy him gifts, recharge cards, etc. No rule says only a person must do this to his lady.

6. Prepare yourself to bear the responsibility of a wife not just a girlfriend in marriage. True wives are good at home and money managers. The ability to place your range in order, take excellent care of your husband and youngsters, attend work/business and observe money causes you to be an excellent wife material and a virtuous woman per excellence.

A male’s exposure toward life tends to be outward.

Explorative. Every boy and each man is on a search. He discovers his identity “out there” within the world where he senses his larger purpose and destiny lie.

Determined to “deliver the products .” a person places great stock in knowing that he has what it takes to finish the search and attain the task at hand.

Needs to know what’s next. Not as the same as a woman, he isn’t inclined to “cuddle,” to “savour” meaningful expertise or to “linger” at the moment. Generally speaking, he’s anxious to manoeuvre on to subsequent things.

Opportunistic. to place it differently, the male may be a doer; and within the end, his feelings about what he’s doing or his reasons for doing it are less important to him than the urge and therefore the opportunity to urge it done.


Takes chances. To seize and make the foremost of his opportunities, a boy or a person must be willing to require chances. Therefore, a tendency to run a certain degree of risk is fundamental to the male character.

Initiator. All of this presumes a particular willingness and skill to “take the bull by the horns” and make things happen. It also implies that leadership, while not necessarily an entirely male prerogative, is nevertheless extra deeply rooted within the nature of men and boys.

Active and aggressive. There’s a clear connection between initiation and active aggression. In light of this, it’s interesting to notice that the male brain is two-and-a-half times larger and more vital within the centre dedicated to aggression and action than the female brain.

Competitive and dominant. Men want the simplest and can expend incredible energy toward getting it.

A woman’s standpoint tends to be more inwardly directed.

Confidently enticing.” Unlike the male, who must leave into the planet to seek out his destiny, the lady possesses her future within herself. She has hidden but seriously confidence in this.

Values intimacy above action. A woman cares more about being than doing, and she or he finds the rationale for her being during a relationship.

Wisely (selectively) receptive. Though she values relationships in particular else, a lady doesn’t enter into them indiscriminately. She chooses slowly and receives wisely.

Seeks security. Because her orientation is inward, toward relationships, nurturing, and “nesting,” the feminine of the species puts a premium on safety and security. To a very greater extent than the male, she values qualities like “reliability” and “trustworthiness” during a potential mate.

Prefers modesty. A confident woman knows that she possesses something precious – the facility of her femininity – and she or he is driven by an innate desire to guard it. Modesty is fundamental to her nature.

Caring. The female is more naturally inclined to respond to the discomfort, the needy, or the hurting with immediate compassion and care.

Uses words. Men talk to communicate information or ideas. Women talk to communicate feelings and thoughts. As a result, women cultivate the mind to use more words than men.

Desires equity and submission. A woman wants to be a man’s equal, but an equal of a really special kind. she features a strong desire to be led, protected, and cared for.

Wields “soft power” which shapes humanity. Women have the power to wield great and subtle influence in marriage and domestic relationships.

Connecting. the feminine is wired to attach with others on many various levels.


Marriage is a partnership, friendship, commitment, sharing and caring. It is not a master and slave thing.

Marriage is sharing responsibilities 50/50, no cheating.

Both can do chores, both can make money, both can give and take from one another, both can help one another become great.

Guys should erase this mentality of trying to find a slave to hold out all domestic add the house and not offer any assistance whatsoever.

Ladies should erase the mentality that men must slave under the sun, bring all the cash while they only spend and squander as they like.

Both of you ought to work, assist and help one another.
No master, no slave in marriage.

Some Mistakes In Marriage And The Solutions

However, the person is that the head and must be respected and honoured.

The wife is the neck and must be adored and cherished.

This is how God designed marriage.

This is heaven on earth.


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