How to find a mentor or advisor to assist you on your entrepreneurial path

If you read this article “Here is your Entrepreneurship Cheat Code,” you will understand how a mentor or someone with expertise may assist you in achieving your goals more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.
It’s tough to believe that you or others would pass up such an opportunity to boost your success likelihood simply because some others believe it’s difficult, don’t want to help us, or don’t know how to get started.
This article will assist you in determining how to locate a mentor and what you will need to prepare to bring them on board.

It’s astonishing how simple it can be if you follow the steps below.

Self-awareness and awareness of your business

What are your goals and objectives?

What are your advantages and disadvantages?

How far along is your business, and what obstacles are you encountering?

What is your unique selling proposition and who are your competitors?

What are your six-month, if not one-year, goals and milestones?

Who are your clients?

What are you prepared to give up in exchange for the mentor’s value?

Your mentor’s expectations (Be aware of your future mentor)

What kind of abilities/connections/experience should they have?

Conduct research into their possible locations (see platforms below).

How can you contact them (via a connection request, an email, a phone call, or a website message)?

What would they require or enjoy? (Bartering, Money, Attributes in exchange for recognition, and satisfaction as a result of volunteer work)

What to do before contacting a potential mentor

A pitch to the mentor about yourself and your business.

What are your objectives and what can you do to meet them?

Keep an eye out for them on social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter.

Engage with their social media posts, if applicable (Comment and like)

What to do after contacting a mentor

Please send them a message of appreciation (by email or in person) for their time.

Create reminders on your calendar to follow up with them on a regular basis.

Continue to engage with their content on social media, if applicable (Comment and like)

Platforms for locating mentors

LinkedIn Twitter, Bumble, Skyisthelimit, and Mentorkart are all examples of mentoring networks.

Consult your network and rely on old-fashioned methods such as word of mouth.

  • Meetups and conferences, such as startup weekends
  • Incubator/accelerator programs
  • Avoid these errors
  • Blindly believing what a prospective mentor says and what they are capable of
  • Addressing them in an impolite manner
  • Attending them without the aforementioned preparation will result in a negative first impression.

Consider the following: Mentors should labor only for free.

Conceiving that they will steal the concept

Unnecessarily sharing everything with them. (Share with them only what they require, nothing more, nothing less, and in pieces if doing so does not impede their process)

Kindly notify us if you find this page useful or if you believe something is missing, so we can improve and assist others more effectively.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for the ideal mentor for you and your business.

Until the next time we meet.


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